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Friday, November 7

Poppell Farms

Last weekend, we went to Poppell Farms in Odum, GA to visit a pumpkin patch, pet farm animals, rope some steer and just have fun.  Here are some of the best photos for us to share.  Enjoy!

They each got measured by the Giant Carrot.

Tyson was loving the big tractor.

Isabelle wanted to load all of the little duckies before pumping the
 water to wash them down.

They got to ride with their own cows.  Isabelle was with Bessie, Tyson was with Petunia and Emma was with Lady.  I was worried at first that one of them might freak out cause it was a riding
 lawnmower that pulled the little cow train along, but they did great.

Out at the Pumpkin Patch.

Isabelle and Emma took turns riding the steer instead of trying to rope 'em.

Tyson on the other hand was doing a better job at ropin' than the lady in pink next to him. {:)

We had a great day and look forward to going again next year!


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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