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Sunday, November 30

Did I Mention that I HATE Blinds? Oh, Yeah, Contest Too!

So today, I unplug the kids from the TV cause, even though we primarily watch educational programs like on PBS and Noggin, enough is enough.  Not always on the education, but mostly.  Mine probably - I know they do - get too much TV time and maybe - I know we do - we need to remain more unplugged.

Anyway, so today...we color, play alphabet / color / shape games, build a few castles, play kitchen, etc...

We eat lunch, clean up, start dish washer, a load of laundry and I decide to take a moment to check emails, catch up on some blog reading, etc...  Before long, all three of them are running through the house like a pack of wild animals.  I go to investigate and I find this...

What is the allure of thrashing blinds?

This is the best I could do to fix them.  Your bedroom, you'll have to live with it for now.

Blinds and kids just don't mix - doesn't matter how old they are.  I have step-tweens and this site is normal for them too.

Unplug the TV?  Mostly, until I can get re-acquainted with my creative side and keep 'em busy and out of trouble.  So until then, I'm so excited to hear about Heather over at 
Home Ec 101 giving away a copy of Lizzie Swan'saward winning group Swingset Mamas Swing, Dance and Sing!  It'll be a nice change of pace from the usual.

Besides, who doesn't love a contest to get free stuff?  Head on over, many ways to enter.  Must enter by 8 pm EST tonight, so don't delay!

Good luck!


kristen@nosmallthing 12/10/08, 6:35 AM  

Oh, those poor blinds!

Have a wonderful, Wednesday, free from any blind-thrashing!

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