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Wednesday, November 5

Now that Brings back a Memory!

Well as many moms, dads, caregivers know, that any time you plan something, your children manage to help you get creative.

Last night, my youngest decided that she wanted big girl panties.  (She is the last to be pottie trained.)  She took off her diaper, grabbed a pair of panties out of the drawer and started running through the house...  naked.  It was quite funny.

Now the best part would be even better if my digital wasn't charging because once I caught up to her and put on her panties, she wanted them to cover her lower tummy like her diaper did and pulled them up so far that all I could see was Urkel!  I was in tears cause it was so funny and also that I couldn't get my digital to snap a photo.

Now, when my children tell me they want panties, I run with it, even if that means it's bed time and there is a chance that they may wet the bed.  So, instead of going to bed to work on my Morning Person Experiment, I stay up until about 2:30 am.  I do this so I am up and can wake them to go pottie.  I worked beautifully with Emma and Tyson, so why wouldn't I with Isabelle?  Well, when I woke her and took her to go pottie.  She didn't.

We all got up this morning around 7:30, so I guess all in all, I am getting up a bit earlier, but so are they.  The whole point of my getting up earlier is so I can have some extra time to myself to plan out my day so it can be more productive for everyone.

There is always tomorrow.  :)

Day 2


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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