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Monday, September 29

Sleeping Angels

5 Minutes for Mom is having a contest.  Click here so you can enter too!

Well...  Angels, hmmm...  my children either go down like angels, like monsters or somewhere in between, of course.  BUT no matter how they finally go to sleep, once they are off in their slumber, if I am not careful when I peak in on them, I'll get caught off guard and my maternal fountain will need a tissue before I go back to the evening news, book, hubby or whatever.  And no matter how challenging the day was, it all just disappears and calms my heart and thoughts.  Our Angels.

It was hard to pick just one, but here is my entry for the contest.  Our son would love the Summer Breeze set.  He is the one on the far right.  Since he is the oldest (by 11 months), I thought this would be a nice start for his room.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Teach by Example

Today I came across An Ordinary Life where Kristin is graciously giving away a Rose Petal Cottage Collection!  Her give-a-way includes a Rose Petal Cottage, washing machine, kitchen sink and veggie set complete with an adorable timer.  Just in time for the holidays!

I'm excited because I know that our girls would love it.  So, before much thought, I opened up her comment window and started, "Oh my goodness!  My twin girls would love this!"

Then I started thinking and cancelled my comment to get us in the drawing.

I tend to do that a lot, think, which then leads to procrastination and then nothing gets done.  That's another post topic on another day.

I did ponder a bit longer though.  Silly as it may be to think this I want my girls to start getting it into their impressionable minds now that their place is in the home and in the kitchen?  Nah...

It. Doesn't. Matter.

What matters is that our children have an opportunity to use their imagination.  To play.  To learn.  They do this by mimicking and taking after people they watch and what better, safer way than by using pint size furnishings?  Besides, who didn't play "house" when they were a child?  We took blankets and arranged furniture to make our own cottages many times.

Kristin, thank you for this opportunity and I hope that we win - this is a great give-a-way.

And yes, I do worry too much.

Make it a Great Day!


Sunday, September 28

Pretty Eyes

While the sun shone in my eyes through the living room windows Friday afternoon, our son sat on my lap studying my face not saying a word.  He gets really close...

We are nose to nose and he says, "pretty eyes."  My heart fluttered.

Yep, he's a keeper!


Friday, September 26

What's on My Nightstand — September

I started blogging at the end of July - not pretty. However, I am still working on it. Before actually setting up my "blog" if you wanna call it that, I started to do some surfing - long, long, long story short, when I came across 5 Minutes for Mom and the sister sites, I was in love. Thank you Kristen at We at THAT Family. I love your blog, read it every day.

This Carnival (
don't know why it's called that) sounded like a lot of fun and I am so excited to be able to participate. Thank you
Jennifer for helping figure out the Linky thing, cause even thought I consider myself capable in this area, whoa! I see I could brush up on my skills.

I hope to give more than I get from this experience and I can already see that I am going to get a lot.

So here goes... Every Fourth Tuesday of the month over at
5 Minutes for Books you can share what you are reading and give your own book reviews. This has only been going on since July, so click here to get more details if you like to learn more about - what it's all about.

Here is what I am reading and hope to get started reading.

The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) In May I took on a part time job at a book store, just for something to do outside of the house. And get back into what I love - books. When a co-worker asked me what types of books I preferred to read, I said that I like to read mostly self help, cook books and authors like Jack Canfield, Steven Covey.... And she responded with something like, so you like Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. And I said, uh who? Your gasping, I'm sure. Truth is, I hadn't really picked up a book of any type for... years. {double gasp!} I did say above to get back into... SO, I figured, before I read the new one, I should read the first one. Breathe.

The Gods of Newport (John Jakes) I was at the pharmacy one evening waiting on a prescription, so I thought I do some browsing. Landed over a their bargain book section and I found a book that I'd been wanting to get. Got it, and because the sign said that I could get two for $10, I searched for something that looked good and not the norm for me. I've read into the second chapter and I can tell already, this will be a challenge. We'll see how it goes.

Women & Money (Suze Orman) I've been wanting to get my hands on this book for some time and finally did. My hubby and I don't communicate too well when it comes to money, so here I go again with self-help. This one I have not started yet.

The Promise of a New Day (Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg) This is a book of daily meditations. Each day you read a page worth of inspiration and it's dated for each day of the year.

Conquest of Mind (Eknath Easwaran) From the back of the book, "Nothing can be more important that being able to choose the way we think - our feelings, aspirations, and desires, the way we view our world and ourselves. Mastery of the mind opens avenues of hope. It means that we can begin to reshape our life and character, rebuild relationships, thrive on the stress of daily living, become kind of the person we want ourselves to be."

I'd love to provide links to the books so you can see the cover and read other reviews and such - does it matter what site I link to? Would linking to Amazon or Barnes & Noble be ok or is that kind of thing forbidden? Thanks!


Thursday, September 25


Well, I started this blog with good intentions to keep everyone posted on how we are doing. Mostly how the babies are doing, but alas, life gets in the way. As usual. So, we will give it another go.  Here is a picture to enjoy.


As it goes...

Emma is taking some time to re-evaluate her big girl panties vs. diapers.  Since September 12th, she has been going back and forth.  Today she is a big girl, tomorrow who knows.

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