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Monday, September 29

Teach by Example

Today I came across An Ordinary Life where Kristin is graciously giving away a Rose Petal Cottage Collection!  Her give-a-way includes a Rose Petal Cottage, washing machine, kitchen sink and veggie set complete with an adorable timer.  Just in time for the holidays!

I'm excited because I know that our girls would love it.  So, before much thought, I opened up her comment window and started, "Oh my goodness!  My twin girls would love this!"

Then I started thinking and cancelled my comment to get us in the drawing.

I tend to do that a lot, think, which then leads to procrastination and then nothing gets done.  That's another post topic on another day.

I did ponder a bit longer though.  Silly as it may be to think this I want my girls to start getting it into their impressionable minds now that their place is in the home and in the kitchen?  Nah...

It. Doesn't. Matter.

What matters is that our children have an opportunity to use their imagination.  To play.  To learn.  They do this by mimicking and taking after people they watch and what better, safer way than by using pint size furnishings?  Besides, who didn't play "house" when they were a child?  We took blankets and arranged furniture to make our own cottages many times.

Kristin, thank you for this opportunity and I hope that we win - this is a great give-a-way.

And yes, I do worry too much.

Make it a Great Day!


Marcy 11/11/08, 6:12 AM  

Well written article.

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