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Tuesday, November 18

Kids' Picks

It's Kids' Picks Day over at 5 Minutes for Books and can't believe that another month has gone by!  There is always an open invite to join in or follow along.  Either way it's a great way to see what other parents are reading to or with their children and what they have to say about the books and stories being read.  If you don't have children, but love to read... Click here to view the other book review themes that you can participate in or just follow along.  Avid readers must stop by.  :)

Thank you to Callista over at SMS Book Reviews for her suggestions to have a bit easier time with the children at the library.  I finally got hooked up with our library's online system and now I can easily place a hold on books that I want and get an email when they are ready to pick up.  Yeah!!

As for the books that our three thoroughly enjoyed over the past month, in no particular order...

This is a fun story, not about jumping on the bed, but rather baking a birthday cake for their mom.  How sweet!  From slipping on the oil and sneezing at the flour incident, my children squealed with glee when one or two of the monkeys would say, "Shhh, don't wake up mama".  Much to the little monkey's disappointment to find that mama's birthday isn't until tomorrow, the cake was still a success...  even after the firetrucks arrived!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle
My kids loved it, yes.  We even enjoyed it at the doctor's office while waiting for the appointment and Miss Isabelle recited the whole thing.  No, she can't read, yet, but some people in the waiting room were giving us some peculiar looks.  I just smiled.  What else could I do?

Tip the Mouse Can't Sleep by Carol Ottolenghi and illustrated by Marco Campanella
A cute story that goes through the motions of some typical bedtime routines and the same one that we try to stick with.  So if ever a "step" is skipped the book reminds us to remember tomorrow.

These are the few that I know they loved and there are others...  I have to learn to write down the title and a quick review before I take them back to the library.  :)

What books are your children into right now?  If you blog about it, make sure you link up here, let me know in comments and I'll be sure to stop by!


Carrie 11/18/08, 11:17 AM  

I talked about Pooh this month.

Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake sounds like a book that would be a huge hit in our home! I'll keep a look out. THanks for the tip!!

Michele 11/18/08, 1:00 PM  

My daughter adores Brown Bear, Brown Bear! She also loves Polar Bear, Polar Bear too. Thanks for sharing.

Alyce 11/18/08, 1:30 PM  

The Five Little Monkey's book sounds like a lot of fun! I think my boys would really like that one.

Jennifer, Snapshot 11/18/08, 5:17 PM  

Yeah, it's fun when they can "read" a book to themselves.

ibeeeg 11/18/08, 9:05 PM  

Brown Bear Brown Bear is a favorite in this home. Five Little Monkeys sounds very cute!

Anonymous,  11/19/08, 7:34 PM  

I'm going to have to look up the Five Little Monkeys next time we're at the library.

We've recently gotten into the old Frances books and Little Bear books.

Heather J. 11/20/08, 1:39 PM  

Kiddo is almost 7 and he still loves all the Eric Carle books - and they're some of my faves, too!

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