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Tuesday, November 11

Childrens' Classics

The SECOND Tuesday of each month is Children's Classics over at 5 Minutes for Books.  In this carnival, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on a favorite children's classic that me and the babies (yes, I still call them babies, even though they are 3, 2 and 2) read during the month. We are given a suggested topic for each month.

This month we were to select a Caldecott Medal Winner.  I've chosen the 2006 Caldecott Medal winner, The Hello, Goodbye Window illustrated by Chris Raschka and written by  Norton Juster.

My three were indifferent to this book.  They liked it enough not to cry and say, "No mommie", but they didn't like it so much as to get all excited and squealing as they do with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?  Which tells me that this book was just too old for them and they couldn't relate to what it was about.

This is a wonderful book and would be better enjoyed by school age children between 1st and 3rd grade.


Bluestocking 11/11/08, 9:45 AM  

That's funny. When I was little I really liked Madeline.

Jennifer, Snapshot 11/11/08, 10:01 AM  

I do like the cover. The art looks interesting.

Carrie 11/11/08, 11:23 AM  

Wow, you are a busy mommy with those babies (ages!) of yours! How very fun.

I'll keep an eye out for this book. Thanks for mentioning it.

Alyce 11/11/08, 10:51 PM  

I chose this book to review also. My four-year-old son loved it, even though he liked the story better than the art, which I thought was funny.

Kipi 11/12/08, 1:56 PM  

This is one of those books that I had never heard of. Thanks for the review!

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