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Tuesday, November 18

Breathe Easier


As you know for quite some time, you've had an advocate (maybe more) trying to get you to quit smoking.  But to no avail, Nicotine has it's claws in you deep.  So deep that you don't see the affects that the Second Hand smoke, given off from the cigarettes that you smoke, is affecting those around you.  What's more devastating that you don't *really* know or see what it's doing to you First Hand.  On the outside your tough composure tells me that, "you gotta die from something..." and then blow me off by lighting up.  You've been telling yourself that for so long that you actually believe it.

I'm not a doctor, but what I can do as a daughter, sister, niece, wife, mother and friend is give you information and support to help you finally kick this habit to the curb.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and November 20th is the Great American Smoke Out Challenge.  I challenge you to take the challenge.

Just within the 24 hours of the challenge, here are some of the benefits your body will be experiencing while you are taking control back from your abuser - Nicotine.  You can click here for a more extensive list from the American Lung Association.

Just 20 Minutes after quiting:
     Blood pressure decreases
     Pulse rate drops
     Body temperature of hands and feet increases

8 Hours after quiting:
     Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
     Oxygen level in blood increases to normal

24 Hours after quiting:
     Chance of a heart attack decreases

You CAN do this!  You are a fighter, always have been.  Fight this now while you are ahead, because when it comes time to fight Lung Cancer or Emphysema or CODP or any other nasty disease this abuser will unleash on you...  Quiting smoking, as hellish as it may be at times, will be like a walk in the park compared to the hell you will go through if you don't.

The CDC has a great list of resources available for you.  You can find it here.  And click here to visit the American Lung Association's free online smoking cessation program!

I'll be in touch on Thursday.  I hope you accept the challenge.

Take care,


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