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Thursday, June 4

Tell Me Thursday : Beautiful Surprise

I'm grateful to have been invited to join Tell Me Thursday... about Wordless Wednesday.  I really, really try to be true to Wordless Wednesday and not say much, but sometimes, I can't help it and just have to say something!

Join in the fun each week and stay true to your Wordless Wednesday, then come back on Thursdays and tell us about it.

So here it was, yesterday...

A lot of you were interested in what kind of flower/plant it was and honestly...  me too!  I had no idea, except that I was surprised by the beautiful little flowers on what I thought was an ugly plant.

Turns out, it is a Hoya.  The picture I took yesterday is of the flowers on the bottom left, there are about a half dozen of these all over the plant.  Hoyas are also called wax plants due to the waxy look of the flowers.  It is a vine and has tried to take over the tree where it is hung.  The vines are woody, like a rope.  They are tropical plants, but don't let that discourage you if you'd like to get one.  I've read that they can be grown most anywhere with the ideal conditions.  This one started from a cutting (in Wisconsin) from a friend, whose was from a friend, whose was from a friend's grandmother.  Cool, eh?  It's at least 25-30 years, possibly older.  If you'd like to read more about them, you can search for Hoya on the Internet in your fave search engine, go here or here.  (I have no affiliations with either of these links, I've linked for informational purposes only)

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to more Wordless Wednesday and Tell Me Thursdays, how about you?


Jodi 6/4/09, 11:35 AM  

I love this idea. I have done many WWs, but only explained a few, lol..

Thanks for following me @ The Homeschool Desk. Following you back;) Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Sue 6/4/09, 11:50 AM  

Thanks for emailing me to let me know about this.

That is a crazy looking plant, but the flowers are pretty. I never heard of them before. Thanks for the info. Is this your plant?

Shanna 6/4/09, 12:04 PM  


You are welcome. It is not actually my plant, it is my mom's, although, I may have to get her to start a cutting for me cause I'd love to keep passing it down.

Karen ~Georgia Angel 6/4/09, 1:45 PM  

How cool is that! A plant that was started from a cutting years and years ago. I think the flowres are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Tell Me Thursday - Win a Flip 6/4/09, 3:18 PM  

YAY! Thanks for participating. Beautiful flowers and plant!

Tell Me Thursday - Win a Flip 6/4/09, 3:18 PM  

YAY! Thanks for participating. Beautiful flowers and plant!

It Feels Like Chaos 6/4/09, 3:31 PM  

Love those flowers, so unique-looking!

Melitsa 6/4/09, 6:29 PM  

They look so good. Do they smell nice too? Nice to meet you on Tell me Thursday. Hope you join in again.

Fresh Mommy 6/6/09, 7:20 PM  

Oh those are pretty... and I'm so glad you've shared with us what these are!! I've never heard of the Hoya!


Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!

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