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Wednesday, April 1

Wordless Wednesday - Good 'n the Bad

It's been raining non stop for two days.  It did, however, take a break long enough to capture this...

Good - fun for the kids.
Bad - not sure if the garden will survive.
Go here and here for more Wordless Wednesday fun.  I know, I know...  Sheesh!


Cassie 4/2/09, 3:23 PM  

Well at least they had fun!! haha

Tell Me Thursday 4/2/09, 6:45 PM  

Ooh - hope your garden survives! You might like our meme at Tell Me Thursday - you can make your WW really wordless and STILL tell the story!  Give it a try!

de Loach family blog 4/5/09, 3:14 AM  

your kids look like they are having fun.. I have one that loves the rain. the other one hates the rain.. Ironally, the one that love the rain, I use to get stuck in the rain when it was rainning really hard like with a flat tire in the junk yard looking for a new tire rim and hmm and having alot of car trouble.. till this day Brianna still loves the rain..

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