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Tuesday, March 24

Spring Cleaning

Hey y'all!  Thank you for sticking it out with me as I make changes yet again to this blog.  I have found a design that'll carry through until a designer is found that that can provide 4-6 color schemes with the same layout with easy transition - at an agreeable price.  For this new design though, it will take some time to get the coding right, etc..  so it'll look a bit wonky for a while.

I like change.  Change can be good most times.

For reference...
When it comes to our home, I get bored easy with "the look" and feel of a room when I walk in if it's been like that for some time.  I like to reorganize the layout of the furniture and take the opportunity to clean where it doesn't always get it, like under the sofa or behind the TV at Dust Bunny Metro.  So, when I reorganize/clean, whatever room it is that I'm working on (or bored the most with)...  it gets tossed.  Yes, literally, well almost.  Everything gets pulled out, sheets come off beds, curtains/drapes off windows, electronic equipment unplugged and pulled out.

My husband hates it when I do this cause I never get it all done in one day and more importantly, I don't plan it.  Yeah, I know.  Heather, I'll get it done one day...  I promise.  BUT, when it is done, it feels so good.  Fresh.  Clean.  Relaxing.  Almost like therapy, ha ha.

Same goes for my blog.  I get bored easy with the same layouts day in and day out.  Soooooo, changing the layout and cleaning it up can be bit of a challenge for this novice.  But I won't let it hinder me cause that is how I learn...  by doing.

I hope you stick around.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!  Until Next Time.


Fresh Mommy 3/25/09, 9:40 PM  

Oh I totally get you... I'm THE same way and LOVE when a room has been completely cleaned out and reorganized. It just looks and smells so fresh!! Perfect for spring!


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