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Wednesday, March 11

Global Food Crisis Day ~ March 11

Although most Americans do not know what it is like to go hungry or have the fear of not knowing where the next meal will come from to feed their children, some of us have.

The recent political and global economic news certainly overshadows what the UN World Food Programme calls the current global food crisis “a phenomenon, a silent tsunami,” that is affecting millions of families in every nation on every continent.

This global food crisis is more rapid, urgent and devastating than any other in the history of our planet.  On any given day, there are 25-THOUSAND starvation related deaths around the world.  EACH.  DAY.  What is heartbreaking is that 12-THOUSAND among those… are children.

Because of this, Compassion International has designated today, Wednesday, March 11, 2009, as Global Food Crisis Day and is partnering up with anyone willing to spread the word and help fight the world food crisis.  You may ask why this crisis is happening.  Bottom line:

The cost of food staples have roughly doubled in many countries where Compassion serves. Some of the original factors that turned this trend into a world calamity recently include unstable oil prices, increased meat consumption in countries like India and China, droughts in major crop-producing countries, and increased production of biofuels.

By supporting and donating to the Global Food Crisis Fund, you’ll be helping them to:

     >>  provide food vouchers to children and families needing immediate relief.
     >>  provide seeds and agricultural tools so that families can grow their own food as well as earn extra income.
     >>  provide supplemental nutrition services at Compassion-assisted centers around the world.

Your support and prayers are needed and much appreciated.  Go here to visit the site, make a donation, grab a button for your blog or all of the above.  :)

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  ~Theodore Roosevelt


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