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Sunday, March 22


This is what I get for trying to give my blog a make over... late at night.  And the back up function doesn't quite work the way I was expecting it too, so...  here is a short list of what I learned about taking the D.I.Y. plunge.  And knowing that I won't be able to work on it again until Sunday night, I won't be making this mistake again.

1) keep a written log or copy/paste to a word doc of all html elements

2) know what you want

3) don't go about it on a whim

4) tackle your project when you are rested and energized

5) consult other blog resources such as Blogger Buster or Blogging Basics 101
     I love both of these resources for easy tutorials and hacks to customizing your blog

6) if all else fails, leave it to the professionals...  know of any?  I think I'm at that point.  ugh!

How about you?  Are you one to do it yourself or have you found success by getting outside help?  Seriously, please share!

Have a Super Sunday!


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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