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Tuesday, June 23

One year ago today...

we packed up the mini-van and my three babies and I drove 1300 miles to my mom's. It was something we had to do. Having three small children is not easy without family near by, add financial struggles on top of it and you have a recipe for disaster.

The decision was to stay with my mom for a couple of years. Grow up, get our finances under control and move back home once the babes were in school.

It was planned that hubs would tie up loose ends through the summer and make the trip by himself to be with us.

The plan, I'll admit was flawed. We didn't plan for the unexpected. He never made it.

It has been a year since we have seen him. He is still back home, struggling financially and lonely without his family. We are here, struggling financially and lonely without him. We miss him... terribly. This past year has been extremely difficult on many fronts. I can't even begin to explain. All of the things that we have missed by being apart, we'll never get back.

We'll keep drawing up new plans. Plans for me and now 3-4 year olds to get back home. Until we get it right, we'll be here.

It's not easy, but we'll keep trying.


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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