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Friday, June 26

3 Year Olds

The babes have just gotten up from a nap. "E" got up a bit later than the other two, so she missed out on her after nap snack when the other two had theirs. Instead of her snack, she wanted something else... OK, no problem.

"E": Mom, I'm thirsty.

Ok, just a sec. Do you want a banana? {My atempt to offer her the missed snack.}

"E": No! Thirsty!

"E": MOM! I'm thirsty!

Hold on honey, I'm coming. Ok, do you want Grape or Orange Tangerine?

"I" pipes in: Grape.
She happily trots off to drink her grape juice.

"E": Kool-Aid. {Funny, I don't remember offering Kool-Aid.}

Grape or Orange Tangerine?

"E": Kool-Aid.

Grape or Orange Tangerine?


Grape or Orange Tangerine?



Offereing only two choices doesn't always work, usually, they come up with a third option, but I'm chosing not to have this battle, so she got Kool-Aid. LOL


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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