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Sunday, January 25

Menu Plan Monday

Here is another simplistic week.  Last week went pretty well; however, I'm not sure what happened to Thursday, so that's back on the menu this week.

Toni over at The Happy Housewife has started doing 30 Days of Meals.  I was pondering it while she was posting it.  Funny.  I'll be keeping tabs on how she does, so far she loves it.  Maybe it'll be something I'll stop pondering and start doing.  hmmm...

I have to tell ya that as much as I make menu planning a chore, I do love it.  I love that we know what we are having each day, especially if I have to pull something out of the freezer - best the night before, but last minute in the morning.  The whole idea of having a plan makes it so much simpler.  Now, my next step would be to post it somewhere so I don't have to log into my blog to see what's on the menu.  ha ha

Here is our last Menu Plan for the month, can you believe it?!  Valentine's Day is only 20 days away!!

Roasted Pork Loin
HM Chicken Noodle Soup
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Left Over Chicken Noodle Soup
Pork Chops 

Again, weekends are left up to whatever.  Gotta stop doing that!  Anyway, have a great week and thank you for stopping by!

Don't forget, stop by I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu plans.  And when I say more, I mean MORE.  Oh and what's even better than menus?  A GIVE-A-WAY!  I hope that got your attention...  make sure you go see Laura!


Robin 1/26/09, 12:42 AM  

I found a magentic weekly planer in the $1 bins at Michaels. I write my menu on there after I post it to my blog. That way I have a reminder of what my plan is. I often have to run back to the puter for a recipe, but that's no biggie.

Have a great week.

Unknown 1/26/09, 10:20 AM  

I was just gonna say what Robin did... get one of those small dry erase boards and tack it on your fridge. I do the same. This way the kids can complain... I mean see what we are having before hand (if they had it there way.. it would be hot dogs and mac ever night!). ;)

And thank for stoppin' by my blog. Much obliged. I have to make our menu semi-veg cuz my son and I are not big carnivors.

Anonymous,  1/26/09, 8:58 PM  

I am not trying to be pushy, but YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!!!
Really it was a bit of work in the beginning, but the more I get into it, the easier it is. I shopped today to purchase all my nonperishables and freezer items for the 30 days. It was great and I only spent $185! It is so nice to see all the food in my pantry/freezer and have a list of meals.
Just my $0.02... although that was about a nickels worth, lol!

Jena Webber 1/30/09, 2:36 PM  

Hi, I'm featuring you as one my local commenters!! Thanks for stopping in often to say HI. Nice menu. I like the Happy Housewife also! She was the feature of Tackle it Tuesday. I have done a month worth of meals, and it is so nice! I haven't done it in a while though.

makeyourhomesing 1/31/09, 12:01 AM  

I really want to get more organized with my meals and maybe doing some extra freezer cooking or something.

BTW thanks for your nice comments about the grocery store. I was beginning to wonder if I had totally done something really wrong!

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