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Tuesday, January 6

Home Management, Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage

Since I've actually got my goals for the New Year in print (something I never do) I've been pleasantly surprised at how often I refer back to them to keep me on track.  Who'da thunk?

Not only that, a new bloggy friend at Cents to Get Debt-Free and I share a few things in common and I'm so happy she shared her own "Food Storage" post that in turn has introduced me to Fun With Food Storage.  Again, I LOVE the bloggy world!

Now, food storage is/was not one of my goals for 2009, but, getting our Home Management Guide is is a quick link to her "Inside the Guide" post series

Right now, we, well, you know, fly by the seat of our pants and all of our important family info is in my head.  As a service to my poor husband and family, I need to make this one a priority.

So combining these two great resources I know that we will have one great Home Management System and as a by product, end up with some food reserves.

The Fun With Food Storage site is awesome and is chock full of great information and how to's.  Don't forget to check out their giveaways too!!  They are so kind to put their food storage how to's into Baby Steps.  It's great!  With the baby steps, you start with the basics like having and emergency plan for your family, putting together a 72-Hour Food Kit and putting together an Emergency Binder.  <<  The Emergency Binder is the reason for this post, but since I am there, I may as well keep going, right?  It's so awesome!

Phoebe good luck to you my dear, I hope you win!


Phoebe 1/8/09, 10:54 PM  

Thanks for the linky love! Isn't the bloggy world fantastic?

I hope you win, too! Are you going to be listening to the live show? I'm going to try!

Shanna 1/8/09, 11:13 PM  

@Phoebe - Yes, I'm gonna try. Thank you for reminding me... I forgot to post a comment and read yesteray's post, but I got to todays. Before "meeting" you, I had never thought about food storage. I've thought about getting my pantry stocked a little fatter, but that was about it. Thank you!

Organizing Mommy 1/11/09, 11:48 PM  

Hi Shana,

You have a nice blog and some good ideas. You remind me that I should write down my goals also!

Shanna 1/14/09, 12:40 AM  

@Organizing Mommy - Write them down and review them and make sure you keep doing the things to keep you on track or evaluate if they need to be modified - cause things change. Best Wishes!

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