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Saturday, January 31


Is it me or Blogger?  Probably me.

I just finished a rather long post, I was proud of myself and happy that it was completed.

Spell checked it.

Manually proofed it.

Clicked on "Publish Post".

Clicked over to review my handy work.

And then shriek!

Only bits and pieces of it posted!  Instead of the words I painstakingly typed out, I see "<<>".


Maybe Blogger is telling me no one wants to read it.

Well, maybe.

But I'll re-post it again tomorrow anyway.

Had lots of linky love in it too!  It's not me, it's Blogger!



momstheword 2/22/09, 8:39 PM  

Blogger usually saves it automatically for you. Did you check your drafts? I had this happen once but I found it in my drafts.

Related Posts with Thumbnails

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