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Tuesday, October 7

Mule Round Up!

This past weekend, we went on a short journey back in history to a Pioneer Village at the Annual Mule Roundup in Guysie, Georgia.  The village has been recreated to look much like many Southern farms in the era of the Mule.
Yes, it had authentic buildings and character including a log cabin, a log smokehouse, a general store and barns.  And for those of us from the 21st Century, they even had potties that flushed.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and, if in Southern Georgia again, the first weekend in October, would go again.
Here is the General Store.

At the end of the "village" there was a fenced in area with lots of animals that the babies could play with, follow, pet, carry around, etc...  Tons of fun!
Isabelle followed the goats everywhere.

Emma couldn't get enough of the puppies.

And although you can't tell here, Tyson was fascinated with all of the birds.  Didn't matter if they were chickens or turkeys.  Here he was chasing the turkeys.

After our feather and fur encounter, we decided to take a break in the shade.
Enjoying a cool, refreshing Strawberry Slushy.

After some folk music and ladies dancing in poofy skirts, we found ponies for the kids to ride.  Since this was their first time, we didn't know if they wanted to, but we gave it a go anyway.  What do you think?
Tyson is a natural on is Stallion - all cool and casual as if he's been riding for years!  Check out the cars in the back.  I never noticed them until I looked at the picture - at home.  Now I know they didn't have that type of Mustang back in the day.

I couldn't tell if Emma was enjoying herself or not.  We'll have to get back to you.

Isabelle loving every second.  So much so, she didn't want to get off.  That was a sight to see.

Cooling off after a long day.  See the sweat through Izzie's shirt?  Tyson was up in front getting his share of the cool breeze.  Aaaahhhhh, it's good to be in the 21st Century again.

Public excursions with our three little ones can be rewarding, exhausting and mentally challenging on all levels.  Ponder herding chickens and you'll understand what I mean.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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