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Tuesday, October 28

Good Morning!

It's getting cool enough here in Southern Georgia that mom brought her plants in from outside last night.  She has a couple Cactus Gardens and other miscellaneous plants.  Sorry, I didn't inherit the green thumb that she has to be able to tell you what plants they are.

But!  This morning as I walked by the coffee pot - which I don't use anymore - yeah!  I didn't notice our newest house guest.

I went on to get breakfast started and only after the second or third pass of the coffee pot did I loose my breath.

This little guy was sitting prime and proper right on top of the almighty throne.  Luckily, I don't worship it anymore, otherwise, I may have been in for a more rude awakening.

Don't see him?

There he is!

And now here he is after climbing the kitchen window.  I'm surprised that this photo came out as clear as it did cause I was practically upside down, PRAYING, it didn't jump on me while I was getting the shot.

Mind you, these photos were taken well after I got the courage to get close enough to take them.

I did a little research online and found these little bugger to be Carnivorous!  Fortunately, they like smaller variety in meals and don't have to worry about it coming after us - unless it is provoked.  Note to my little man!  "No touch!"

Apparently, we have other house guests too that I haven't seen yet.  We'll see...


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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