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Thursday, October 23

It's a Wrap!

October 15th was Blog Action Day.  I linked up, posted here and checked in from time to time to see what other bloggers were blogging about.  I learned a lot, got some great ideas, am hopeful of the good that can be done.

It can be overwhelming to really think about Poverty.  It's a small word that carries such a heavy burden to those that are living it.

'I can't save the world, so why try' is a brick wall that must come down.  So, thanks to the Common Weeder, I am going to start by working in an extra row in the garden, just for the hungry.  It's a great place to start.  Not only can I plant the seeds that will feed those in need (and will probably be more grateful for the crop than my children), but I can also plant the seeds within my children about what we are doing and why.

With my heart to guide me, Blog Action Day as my pick ax and the support of over 12,000 Global Bloggers as my strength, I can at least help save the world.  Click here to get more wrap up details... you might be pleasantly surprised at who was named as the Top 100 Blogs that participated.  Be sure to scroll down to find 'em.  And at the very bottom, you can sign up to get an email about next year.


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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