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Wednesday, October 15

Blog Action Day : What will you do? Part II

If you doubt me...

Whether or not we hook up with a Plant a Row group, all of us could dedicate a row of our garden to a local food organization. No donation is too small. I have been assured that no head of broccoli or single squash will be turned away. There is no reason to let our excess harvest go to waste when there are hungry people in our community.
I am not alone.  You can find the rest of this story over at the Common Weeder.

Start at home.  Then grow from there.  Don't have a garden?  The next time you are at the store buying ketchup at a steal at 10 for $10.  Buy one more than your family needs (or more) and donate at least one to your local food shelf.

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Related Posts with Thumbnails

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