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Tuesday, May 5

for Every Third Bite

Back in March, I signed up for a campaign that not only rewarded us with free seeds to plant in our garden, but enlightened me about a species that I haven't always been particularly fond of.

These pests, as I referred to them in my youth, always had a way of terrorizing me and my little brother.  In fear of getting stung we'd literally run from them or try to kill them.

Both activities, consequently, only aggravated these little buggers more and would usually result in one of us getting stung.

Fast forward to present day.

I'm not sure if it was my getting older or the fact that I had children that I really became more aware of the world around me and the world that they were going to have to live in long after I am gone.

Knowing that I now have a legacy that will go on, I've been trying to get back to basics, green/frugal living and a simpler way of life.  The bottom line - care about life - my life so I can do my best to better prepare them.


That little bugger I'm referring to is the Bee.  Did you know that it and it's pollinating friends are responsible for Every Third Bite of Food?  Can you imagine?  I'm now remorseful for every Bee I've ever killed and am now learning to not feel as threatened, but thankful for them.

Oh, and back to the campaign I signed up for?  It's called...

Sounds fun, huh?  It is based out of the San Francisco State University and is the first step to a much large vision.  You see, the Global population of Bees is dwindling and with it crop production.

This project is enlisting our help to track bees and report back to them so they can see what is happening to the bee population on a larger scale.  Click here to see locations of current participants, you'll see my dot in South Eastern Georgia.

Here are the seeds we received.

Even though most of our seeds were crushed in the mail, we've already got two spouts!  We are all excited.


Wendy 5/6/09, 8:06 AM  

I'm lucky because my dad was a beekeeper. He explained to me very early on how important bees are. (by the way, anyone who has children MUST watch The Bee Movie so your kids will see what happens to the world with no bees!)

He also explained to me about the sting of a bee... that when a bee stings a person it sacrifices its life. When a bee stings it is FATAL to the bee. (unlike wasps and other stinging insects which can sting many times.) He showed me how gentle bees really are and that they only sting if they think they are being threatened or the hive is. We'd stand by the hive and let the bees walk on our arms. As long as we were still and didn't bump any of them we were fine.

I wish everyone could have the experience I had learning about bees. It's incredible.

Shanna 5/6/09, 9:36 AM  


You are so right! And we did watch The Bee Movie some time ago and that is what got me thinking more about how beneficial bees are.

When I stumbled upon this project, I knew I had to participate. Thank you for reminding me of that movie, now would be a good time to watch it again.

Thank you for your all your comments and stopping by my other blog.

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