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Thursday, May 21

A Break from the Rain

What do you do when there is finally a break from the rain?

Play in it of course, but not before you need, "A little help please!"

He was almost up to his knees in mud. It was quite funny since I also got him on video trying to explain where his shoes went and how he was going to get out of it.


makeyourhomesing 5/23/09, 12:04 AM  

Very cute! Kids and mud= true love.

Your little feedburner button is what started it all. I wanted one, but when I put it on there, for one thing it said 0 readers and I have 160 Google subscribers. I just assumed they transfer over.

Do you post the full code they give you in the "redirect URL" box under the sitefeed in your settings? Maybe I did that wrong.

I checked feedburner and it shows my latest update right now, but this last post showed up on google and dashboard an hour later!

Do your posts take an hour to show up on google or dashboard?

I kind of want to get rid of the whole thing but am afraid of what would happen if I did.

Next time you do a post check your google read or dashboard (if you follow or subscribe to your own blog) and let me know how long it takes to show up.

Thanks my friend. Breathing....breathing (hard to do as I have a cold, lol!).

makeyourhomesing 5/23/09, 12:18 AM  

Thank you. It must have something to do with this whole google problem thing. I can't figure out why I only show 0 readers for feedburner readers (I unistalled it so you can't see it).

When you view the html for your gadget, does your feeburner address show in there twice? Mine shows twice in the html. Nothing I did. Still can't figure out why it's 0 though.

Also, you did your password protect your feed? I saw something on my feedburner that said I could password protect so my feed could't be redirected or something. Did you do that?

makeyourhomesing 5/23/09, 12:57 AM  

The blog doctor emailed me and says he thinks it has something to do with blogger fixing the followers. It just dawned on me that I don't have a subscribe to feedburner gadget. How did you get that?

makeyourhomesing 5/23/09, 4:40 PM  

My feed is fixed. It now shows I have 181 readers which makes more sense. I guess it took a bit to straighten it out!

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