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Saturday, August 22

So it begins...

I have enjoyed having my children at home with me. Most of the time. I'd be lying if I said that all was hunkie-dorie all of the time here. But, we did what we did when we wanted to do it. Never having to worry about schedules, appointments, deadlines and laundry - Oh. My. Gosh. The Laundry! I'm so glad I found a cheap laundry soap or I'd go broke just to keep clean clothes!

I manage to keep our house some-what orderly, the children, bathed, fed and clothed. Outings to the park or beach were usually last minute, haphazard - 'hey let's go!' ideas that turn out better than something planned.

No schedules meant no alarm clock, unless you count the kids waking you up in the morning asking for cereal cause they are hungry...

and well, um, it is time for breakfast.

Here is the so it begins part...

Now that I've, reluctantly, enrolled them in school, all of that has changed. We now have appointments, schedules and deadlines to keep track of and fit into our family nonchalant lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, keeping up with three active, into everything toddlers, kept me quite busy, but we did everything on our terms. So what if me and the kids stayed in our pjs all day long, on a Thursday. I don't think the school staff would agree that pjs are appropriate attire for school.

Now that school is in session, I feel like I'm constantly on the go... parent meetings, dentist and doctor appointments, homework, yes homework! Oh and did I mention trying to run a business from home too.

Calgon, take me away!

Hollywood, Lil' Momma and Prince Charming during their first week of school.

Oh, and speaking of appointments...

Congratulations on a clean bill of dental health from the dentist on Friday! Momma is very proud of each of you!


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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