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Thursday, July 2

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

Here's my Wordless Wednesday on Thursday. I know I'm late, but ha! I can get meet you in two places at once!

Isn't s/he gorgeous?! I'm not necessarily a fan of these eight legged buggers, but it was just sitting there so pretty. It even waited for me to go in the house and grab my camera.

Anyone know what kind it is? I have no idea.

Go visit 5 Minutes for Mom or Wordless Wednesday for more WW fun and if you haven't already stopped by... your WW friends may be talking about their WW over at Tell Me Thursday!

Have fun!

Oh, and if you know what kind of spider this is, I'd be very grateful. I'd rather find out now if it's poisonous or not. ;)


momstheword 7/7/09, 12:07 AM  

Wow, I don'[t know but it sure is the picture. Not particularly if it were in my home, lol!

Debi 7/8/09, 12:17 PM  

Hey...better late than never. I am just now getting around to reading all of last weeks stories.

Beautiful photo, not sure what kind of 8 legged creature nor flower.

Appreciate the sharing. Debi

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