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Monday, December 15

Email Santa!

Back when I was growing up, we wrote letters, you know, actually putting pen to paper and mailed it at the post office with a stamp to the North Pole.

Never to hear anything back.  And once that little letter was dropped off, panic would over-shadow any holiday spirit.

I forgot to add something or I changed my mind, now what?
Did it get there in time?
Did it get lost?
Did he have a chance to read it before Christmas?
Does he know that I won't be at home for Christmas?

Well Hello 21st Century!  Now we can email Santa and get an immediate response!  You can ask Santa for 3 things (and if you really want something, you can ask for it 3 times).  Since you only fill in the blanks, it is really simple and you don't have to sign up for an account, give them your email or phone or home address.  (If you want to be reminded next year to send a letter, they will ask for your email at the end, but that is it - they don't ask for it to send the letter - it's great!)

If you have more than one child, don't worry cause they can each do it and will get different responses.  It is really neat!

I did one too and it even commented on my age not necessarily be that of a youngster.  ha ha

Thank you to Adventures in JuJuBoo for posting about it.

Have fun!  Happy Holidays!


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