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Thursday, April 29

What was I thinking?

This morning I get up and it's so brisk and cold, I told myself I could take the day off from working out.  I mean, seriously, since I started the Body by Vi Challenge, following the program, seeing results, I thought I'd give myself a day off.  I deserve it, right?

Then I got to thinking of how many days I've allowed myself to take off cause I didn't feel like working out.  You know, something conveniently comes up and becomes my excuse or scapegoat.  Well today, it was the weather.

By the time I got the Littles to school and on was my way home, I was regretting that I allowed myself to 'take' a day off.

I'm mean, seriously, what was I thinking?

Obviously I forgot that I told myself and many others that I'd be ready for swimsuit season this year and SINCE WHEN does making excuses really get you what you want?  Did I also mention that I live in South Georgia, where even though the temp was chilly this morning, it heats up pretty quick.

Imagine this...  After getting home I would have only further regretted my decision, felt sorry for myself and topped it off by eating unhealthy for the rest of the day.  Sounds like a great plan, right?  I mean, why not take care of two issues all in one day.  Not working out and not eating healthy, at least then I'd be sure to workout and eat healthy other days, what do you think?  Um... No...  Sounds a little like denial to me.  How many days do I have to 'take off' before I realize I'm my worst enemy?  So instead, I pointed the Sedona to the YMCA and did my thing.  Nothing serious, just got my blood pumping briskly walking 2 miles or so and making my arms hurt with push ups, chair lunges and the seated rowing.

Did I mention that I was wearing blue jeans, tshirt, sweatshirt and an nice frilly bra?  Ever try working out in fitting jeans and a frilly bra?  Definitely not your typical workout gear, but hey, I wasn't going to let that be another excuse.  At least I wore tennis shoes.

A day off?  Really?  No, it's a lifestyle, can't take days off just because I don't feel like it.  If I'm taking a day off it's because of something bigger than I don't feel like it.  I deserve better than that!

I don't feel like it?  What was I thinking?

Have something that gets you feeling like you don't feel like it?  I loved to hear about it and what you do to do it anyway!

To our health and success!


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