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Tuesday, July 29

Trying Something New

The babies and I have been visiting my mom over the summer and since she has a pool in the back yard, we've been taking advantage of it.

Emma and Tyson love the pool and are getting used to it. Isabelle on the other hand, like everything else, wants nothing to do with it. Kicks and screams and wants out desperately, even when I'm the one holding her. She is very quick to want Grandma then.

I'm not surprised by any of their reactions to this new adventure. Well, a little surprised with Izzie. She loves the bathtub and I know the pool is nothing like the bathtub, but I certainly didn't expect for her to have such a disliking for it.

Tyson, won't close his mouth for anything, so he's coughing over everything. He's learning though.

Emma, loves it, she's gonna be our water baby. She is very calm in the water, but also has her "panic" moments and freezes up.

They both do.

I think getting them started on a routine will help them both. I haven't been to formal swimming classes since I was in grade school and we can't afford to put our three in classes, so I'll do my best. I had Morgan happily going under water while holding on to the edge when she was Tyson's age. I'll have to dig up that picture. ;)


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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