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Saturday, September 26

Bread Making

I had been practicing my bread making skills for about 4 months when I gave up. I had tried several recipes and came close a few times to what we felt was ideal bread, but none of them were 100% crowd pleasers.

Maybe we just need look at homemade bread differently than the store bought brands. It’s difficult to do though since a pb&j will never be the same and my little ones are not easily persuaded.

How do you do it and satisfy your family at the same time?


Teena in Toronto 9/26/09, 9:25 AM  

Yum! Looks delish!

Happy blogoversary!

Heather D. 9/26/09, 8:08 PM  

Oooh I LOVE bread! Definitely my downfall.

Following you from MBC. Here's my blog:


SueFitz 9/27/09, 2:46 AM  

Congrats on your blogoversary!

Breat looks great

Lee the Hot Flash Queen 9/30/09, 11:42 AM  

Thanks for stopping by!! I'll tell you how I do it...I don't make bread!

Shanna 9/30/09, 12:18 PM  

Hi Lee!
It's a lot of work, gratifying and frustrating at the same time. Thank you for stopping by. I really liked your site and subscribed. I found your through MBC. :)


Joan 10/12/09, 11:06 PM  

Back in the day, Shanna, when I was a SAHM, I made all our bread for the week every Monday and then again on Friday for the weekend... Nothing is more homey than the smell of bread baking. That loaf looks perfect!

Shanna 10/12/09, 11:17 PM  

Thanks Joan! My bread making skills were coming around, but a sandwich loaf I could never achieve. Not sure why I really cared cause we don't eat many sandwiches... Hmmmm... I'm giving it another go. Thank you for stopping by and for yet another push to try it again.


Anne,  10/24/09, 10:52 AM  

I make all our bread. It took a little getting used to for a couple of my little ones, but now they don't like store bread. Use great ingredients, take your time, knead it well, and you've got it made! Your picture looks great! Don't give up!

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